Research on the Dissemination of Point of Use Water Purification Technology in Vietnam

  Less than 64% of people have access to safe drinking water in Vietnam. This is a worryingly high percentage as it has been reported that bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid and dysentery are all caused by polluted water. These diseases can all be deadly, and therefore more than 40 billion VNDs have been spent over the past 4 years to try to cure these water-related diseases.

  IMG has supported the business development of a Japanese private company that supplies a product called CLINKA205, which is a sand-like water purification material that eliminates aerobic bacteria from polluted water. The project IMG worked on was successfully adopted and funded by JICA as a BOP project.

   Business in developing countries used to be largely focused on urban areas where marketing channels were established. However, in our project, we targeted both rural and urban areas where there is a serious problem of access to safe drinking water. This is because we have the knowledge and skills to support both of these areas with help from NGOs and local governments.

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