Improvement of Organizational Management / Institution Building

  IMG’s Improvement of Organizational Management / Institution Building projects include strengthening the management structure and capacity of central / local governments and public agencies in developing countries, promoting decentralization, improving local government’s finances, and establishing and improving institutional structures for promoting capacity development and decentralization.

Advisory Service on SME & Industrial Development to MTI in Namibia (Mar. 2011 - Mar. 2013)

  The goals of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) are to: (1) develop industry, (2) create employment, and (3) increase people’s incomes through business registration, industry and investment promotion, trade and export promotion, and SME promotion. However, despite the setting of these goals, MTI lacked the adequate organizational and operational structures to plan and implement them. Under contract with JICA, IMG sent an expert in institutional management to MTI who contributed to the effective service delivery of the policies by building organizational and operational structures, and training the Ministry’s officers in effective management and daily operations. 

Advisory Service in Organizational Management to CJCC in Cambodia (Jun. - Nov. 2009)

  Since 2004, JICA has been implementing human resource development courses (business courses), Japanese language courses, and promoting intercultural understanding through the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC). Under contract with JICA, IMG improved the CJCC’s management capacity through training on planning and decision making.

Study Plan Formulation on Improvement of IRA System in the Philippines (Dec. 2006 - Mar. 2007)

  In the Philippines, the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) system accounts for approximately 60% of local governments’ revenue. The IRA system is criticized for widening the financial disparities among local governments and thus hindering the decentralization process. Under contract with JICA, IMG formulated a study plan for the improvement of the IRA system based on the analysis of the relationship between the current IRA system and financial needs for regional development.

Study Plan Formulation for Philippines Small Water Districts Improvement Project (Jan. - Feb. 2005)

  In urban areas of the Philippines, water is supplied by 435 water districts, of which approximately 70% are categorized as small water districts. Many small water districts were struggling to deliver water supply services due to organizational, technical, and financial difficulties. Given these difficulties, JICA decided to provide assistance to the water districts in order to improve their management and service delivery. In developing the project, IMG analyzed the organizational and management structures of the small water districts and formulated a study plan to improve their water supply.

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