Project List

Year Region Country Project Title
2016      Africa   Kenya Preparatory Survey for BOP business on "Healthy Kiosk" to Prevent Non-communicable Diseases
Zambia Detailed Planning Survey for "National KAIZEN Project Phase 2 in the Republic of Zambia” (Evaluation Analysis)  
Malawi Terminal Evaluation on “The Project for Capacity Enhancement in Public Sector Investment Programming Phase II” (Evaluation Analysis)
South East Asia Indonesia Public-Private Partnership Project for the Improvement of the Agriculture Product Marketing in the Republic of Indonesia
Myanmar Data Collection and Analysis on Women’s Economic Activities in Myanmar
Terminal Evaluation for the Myanmar-Japan Center for Human Resource Development Project (Evaluation Analysis)
2015 Africa Cote D'ivoire Project for Supporting Formulation of Industrial Sector Policy Focused on Technology Innovation and Dissemination
Ethiopia Data Collection and Analysis on the Women Entrepreneurship Development Project in Ethiopia
Project on Capacity Building for Kaizen Implementation in the African Union Commission
Certified Forest Coffee Production and Promotion Project@(Study on REDD+ Program Coordination)
Kenya Pilot Survey for Disseminating SME's Technologies for Community-based Water Treatment & Supply System Using Solar Energy
Tanzania Project for Capacity Development for Local Government Training Phase 2 (Chief Advisor)
African region Follow-up Study on the Expansion of the SHEP Approach
Psychological Analysis on JICA’s Technical Cooperation Projects for Agricultural and Rural Development
All regions Study on the SHEP Approach under the Decentralized Governance
Middle East Iran Detailed Planning Survey on“Project for Capacity Development on Integrated Water Resources Management in Sefidrud River Basin”  (Evaluation and Analysis)
South East Asia Philippines Comprehensive Capacity Development Project for the Bangsamoro (Development Planning Preparation) (Agro- Industry)
Detailed Planning Survey for the “Project for Elaborating Industry Promotion Plan utilizing Value Chain Analysis” (Industry Promotion Structure/Evaluation Analysis)
National Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (Terminal Evaluation)
Vietnam Project for promoting E-customs in Vietnam (Terminal Evaluation)
Feasibility Survey with the Private Sector for Utilizing Japanese Technologies in ODA Projects
Vietnam, Active Learning System for Establishing of Practical “5S/KAIZEN” Skills
Thailand Detailed Planning Survey on “Advancing Co-Design of Integrated Strategies with Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand”  (Evaluation and Analysis)
Myanmar Terminal Evaluation on “The Project on Improvement of Service and Safety of Railway in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar”  (Evaluation and Analysis)
South Asia Nepal Nepal’s State Building: Development and Growth Strategy Phase 2 (Governance/Policy Dialogue Advisor)
Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Project for Strengthening the Road Disaster Prevention Capacity (Detailed Planning Survey)
South America Paraguay Detailed Planning Survey for the ”Project for Developing Skilled Human Resource in Response to the Needs of the Private Sector” (Evaluation Analysis)
2014 Africa Cote D'ivoire Project for Supporting the Potential Industry Promotion Policy (Detailed Planning Survey) (Industry Analysis- Agro-industry)
Ethiopia Project on Capacity Building for Dissemination of Quality and Productivity Improvement (KAIZEN) (Terminal Evaluation)
Morocco Study for Private Sector Development in Morocco (Data collection and analysis)
Ghana Strengthening the Capacity of the Agribusiness Support Division to Facilitate Private Sector Investment
Project for Strengthening Operational Capacity of Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) (Terminal Evaluation)
Senegal Project for Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement in rural areas of Tambacounda, Kedougou and Matam Regions (Mid-Term Review)
Tanzania Advisory Serviceds to MIT/SIDO for Industrial Cluster Development
Project for Capacity Development for Local Government Training Phase 2 (Chief Advisor)
Mozambique Support of Agriculture Development Master Plan For Nacala Corridor in Mozambique (Project Planning/Economic Business Model Analysis)
Zambia Project for Support in National Roll-out of Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Programme (SOMAP 3) (Mid-Term Review)
Kenya Project for Management of Non-Revenue Water in Kenya (Terminal Evaluation)
Information Collection and Confirmation Survey for the Market-Oriented Agricultural Development Project Referring to the Case Study of the Agricultural Development Smallholder Horticultural Empowerment Project
Establishment of Rural Electrification Model Using Renewable Energy (Terminal Evaluation)
Sudan Human Resources Development for Water Supply in Phase 2 (Mid-Term Review)
South East Asia
Capacity Development of Provincial Rural Development in Northern Provinces (Ex-Post Evaluation)
Agricultural Productivity Promotion Project in West Tonle Sap (Terminal Evaluation)
Project on Improving Official Statistics in CambodiaiPhase 3j(Terminal Evaluation)
Indonesia The PPP Project for Improvement of Agriculture Product Distribution System (Detailed Planning Survey)
Vietnam Technical Assistance for the Legal and Judicial System Reform (Phase 3) (Detailed Planning Survey)
Philippines Local Governance and Rural Empowerment Project for Davao Region (Ex-Post Evaluation)
Capacity Development Project on Water Quality Management (Ex-Post Evaluation)
Cambodia and Philippines FY 2013 Ex-Post Evaluation Package I-6
South Asia Pakistan Advisory Services in Organizational Improvement for the Faisalabad Water and Sanitation Agency
Bangladesh Strengthening the capacity of teacher training in Primary Teacher Training InstitutesiPTIsj to improve classroom teaching (Mid-Term Review)
Project for Improving Public Services through Total Quality Management (Mid-term Review)
India Project on Champions for Societal Manufacturing (Mid-term Review)
North and Central America Mexico Project for Automotive Supply Chain Development in Mexico (Mid-term Review)
Project for the Capacity Development in the Japanese Auto-Industry Concentrated Regions through PPP (Detailed Planning Survey)
Project for Human Resource Development in the technology of Plastic Transformation (Terminal Evaluation)
Eastern Asia Mongol Project for Capacity Building of Capital Market in Mongolia (Detailed Planning Survey)
Europe Turkey Industrial Automation Technology(IAT) Extension Project for Central Asian/Middle East Countries (Terminal Evaluation)
2013             Africa       Namibia Advisor on SME and industrial Development to the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Zambia Formulation of Industrial Strategy for Engineering Products (Strategy Formulation/Implementation Follow-up)
Ghana Study on Comprehensive Urban Development Plan for Greater Kumasi (Industrial Development/Human Resources Development)
Mozambique  Support of Agriculture Development Master Plan for Nacala Corridor (Business Model Formulation)
Data Collection and Analysis on Agricultural Loans for Agricultural Development in the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique
Malawi Project for Enhancement of Operation and Maintenance for Rural Water Supply (Mid-Term Review)
South Sudan
Project for Management Capacity Enhancement of Southern Sudan Urban Water Corporation (Terminal Evaluation)
Kenya Project on Capacity Building for Customs Officers (Detailed Project Planning Study)
Information Collection and Analysis for the Implementation of Market-oriented Agricultural Development Projects: Case Study of the Smallholder Horticultural Empowerment Project (SHEP)
Ethiopia Project on Capacity Building for Kaizen Generalization on AUC (detailed planning survey)
Tanzania Project for Enhancement of Water Supply Management of Zanzibar Water Supply Authority Phase 2 (Mid-Term Review)
Middle East Turkey The Project for Traffic Demand Management of Historical Area in Istanbul  (Terminal Evaluation)
Asia     Pakistan Institutional Reform Advisor for WASA Faisalabad
Vietnam Project on Capacity Development for Urban Water Supply Utilities in the Central Region (Terminal Evaluation)
Bangladesh Data Collection and Confirmation Study on the Horizontal learning Program (Community Development)
Napal Project for Capacity Development on Water Supply in Semi-urban Areas in Nepal (Terminal Evaluation)
Nepal and Cambodia
Study of Support Approaches to the National Machinery for the Promotion of Gender Equality
2012 Africa Namibia Information Collection and Analysis on One Region One Initiative
Zambia Zambia Investment Promotion Project– Triangle of Hope Investment Promotion Advisor
Formulation of Industrial Strategy for Engineering Products
Ghana Project for Strengthening the Capacity of INSET Management (Terminal Evaluation)
Mozambique Support of Agriculture Development Master Plan for Nacala Corridor (Business Model Formulation)
Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda African Institute for Capacity Development Project (Phase 3)(Terminal Evaluation)
Tanzania Technical Cooperation in Strengthening Participatory Planning and Community Development Cycle for Good Local Governance (Terminal Evaluation)
Ethiopia Information Collection and Analysis on People's Water Usage
Malawi Project for the Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE) INSET Malawi Phase II (Terminal Evaluation)
Middle East Egypt Project on the Promotion of School Health Service in Upper Egypt (Terminal Evaluation)
South East Asia Malaysia Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation Project Phase II: Protected Area Management Cooperation
Laos Education Advisor to the Ministry of Education
Indonesia The Project on Knowledge Management for South-South Cooperation (Knowledge Management/Development Effectiveness)
P3CU and PPP Network Enhancement Project (PPP Policy and Organization)
Central America Guatemala Technical Assistance to Productive Activities Planning in the Northern Rural Area with Clean Energy (Mid-term Review)
South America Brazil BOP Business Research for Agro Forestry
2011 Africa Zambia Zambia Investment Promotion Project– Triangle of Hope (Mid-term Review)
Kenya, Ghana, South Africa Date Collection and Analysis on Biodiversity Conservation in Forests in Africa
Middle East Jordan Capacity Development Project for Non-Revenue Water Reduction Phase 2 (Terminal Evaluation)
South Asia Afghanistan Community Development Project for Returnees and Receiving Communities in Nangarhar Province
South East Asia Indonesia Detailed Design Study on the Project on Knowledge Management for South-South Cooperation (Aid Coordination/South-South Cooperationj
Project on Capacity Development for RBOs in Practical Water Resources Management and Technology (Terminal Evaluation)
Vietnam Advisor to the Project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area (Life Improvement)
East Asia Mongolia Capacity Development Project for Air Pollution Control in Ulaanbaatar City (Mid-term Review)
Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic-Japan Center For Human Development Project (Consultation and Terminal Evaluation of Phase 1 & Mid-term Review of Phase 2)
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